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Hey All,

Please note that this blog and the accompanying podcast is no longer being updated or pursued at this point in time. Therefore all mailing lists and free courses are also no longer available. Although I am a massive fan of Keto and all that it encompasses I have found that my true passion is in the mindset field. I believe that before we can work on nutrition, fitness etc we need to get our minds in the right place.

As I am pivoting, I felt I needed a clean break so I could focus 100% on my new area and therefore have decided to shut everything down. I will keep the podcast and blog up for the time being in case you would like to listen to the downloads and read the existing content but there will not be new content created.

If you are on my existing mailing list I will email you in the next week or so. If you do not wish to receive information on mindset and were only interested in the keto information then please unsubscribe so that I have a list of people that are truly interested in my new area. I really appreciate all of your support with low carb keto living and I hope that you follow along with me because I believe what I have coming up can really change your life. PLUS there is nothing to say later on down the track I will not start up another nutrition site. It’s just that now is not the time. I feel I have another purpose to fulfil.

I hope that all of the information I have brought to you in the past couple of years has been useful and I hope you will visit me at my new venture: livingyourintentions.com. I will have an interview based podcast being launched on Jan 1st 2018, I have a youtube channel and so much more so I hope to see you there.



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