Jul 21 2017

LCKL 075 – Biohacks 101 – Fasting Series – Working Out The Details

The next portion of this Fasting Series is going to be helping you figure out the details prior to starting the fast…

  • What Type of Fast You Are Going To Do;
  • How to determine if a short fast or a longer fast is best for you;
  • When should you start your fast;
  • When …

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Jul 20 2017

Low Fat is OLD NEWS!!! – Saturated Fat is no longer the Devil – Research is even showing it!!!

I assume that most people reading my posts, watching my you tube videos or listening to my podcasts probably are not following the Low Fat Diet, but if you are listen up, because I am going to attempt to squash anything you may have been told about how bad saturated fats are for you and …

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Jul 20 2017

***Research Study*** – “Acute effect of red meat and dairy on glucose and insulin:a randomized crossover study”

There has been a lot of controversy over the dangers of red meat and the fact that some diabetics seem to have issues after consuming it. Therefore these authors set out to determine whether red meat or dairy promoted the greater insulinemic response. Although I believe what they set out to do was a worthwhile …

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Jul 19 2017

LCKL 074 – Ask Naturopath Jen Series – Digestion – Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity (Repeat of Episode #32)

Are you consuming gluten on a daily basis but finding that you end up in extreme pain or running to the toilet? Are you confused about the difference between celiac disease and common gluten sensitivity? What about Wheat Allergies – Have you heard about it? Well in this episode I will be going into all …

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Jul 18 2017

***Research Study*** – Reduced dietary intake of simple sugars alters perceived sweet taste intensity but not perceived pleasantness

Have you ever noticed that after not consuming sugar for a while and then trying to eat something sweet again that it is merely intolerable. If so, this article proves exactly why this happens…

Apr 18 2017

LCKL 073 – Coenzyme A – The Power of It for Fat Loss, Physical Performance and Much More…

Co-Enzyme A is a critical enzyme that is needed to function the body as well as to assist in the production of Co-Enzyme Q10 and NADH. Learn about what you can do to increase your own level of Co-Enzyme A and what may be causing you to be deficient.

Apr 10 2017

LCKL 072 – Biohacks 101 – Fasting – Other Benefits…

Within this episode you will discover 5 other benefits of fasting, including digestive health, inflammation, energy, skin health and lifespan extension.

  • How Fasting Improves Digestive Health;
  • How Fasting Decreases Inflammation;
  • How Fasting Increases Energy;
  • How Fasting Improves Skin Health; and
  • How Fasting Extends Lifespan.


Apr 10 2017

LCKL 071 – Ask Naturopath Jen – Digestion – Inflammatory Bowel Disease…

The next portion of this Digestion Season is that of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. If you are dealing with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis then this episode is for you.

  • What IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) is;
  • What Crohns Disease is;
  • What Ulcerative Colitis is;
  • Symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease;
  • Complications of Inflammatory Bowel Disease;
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Apr 06 2017

LCKL 070 – Migraines and How The Ketogenic Diet (May) Help

Do you suffer from frequent Migraines that leave you incapacitated and unable to function. Are you finding that they are becoming more and more frequent? If so, then I have good news for you. The ketogenic diet may actually help put a stop to these migraines.

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