Mar 20 2017

LCKL 065 – Biohacks 101 – Fasting – How Fasting Can Help Prevent and Treat Cancer

Are you dealing with Cancer at the moment and are wondering if Fasting would be helpful? Well, in this episode I will be going through the benefits fasting has on Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

  • How Insulin Resistance Affects Cancer and How You Fasting Reduces It;
  • How Fasting can Starve the Cancer Cells;
  • How Fasting Induces Autophagy;
  • How Fasting sensitizes the body to cancer treatments;
  • How Fasting protects your healthy cells against the damaging effects of chemo and radiation;
  • How Fasting delays tumor progression and enhances lifespan.

There are many different reasons why both intermittent fasting and water fasting can help with cancer prevention and cancer treatment. For this podcast I will be going into how you can use fasting to prevent cancer and also how it can be used to treat it once you have already got it.

Reduces Insulin ResistanceStarves the Tumor Cells of Fuel SourceInduces AutophagySensitizes Cancer Cells to TreatmentsProtects the Healthy Cells against Damaging Effects of TreatmentsDelays Tumor Progression and Increases LifespanCase Study
  • Insulin Resistance occurs when your body stops listening to the request for increased insulin in response to high blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone that is secreted to help lower blood sugar levels but when you are consistently bombarding your system with excess sugar and carbohydrates the pancreas becomes tired and will stop listening to the requests. Therefore, more sugar will be floating around in your bloodstream. This is not a good thing.
  • Insulin Resistance has been linked to increasing the risk of many different cancers, which can be seen in multiple research articles. A few of these are listed in the shownotes section for this podcast episode.
  • By abstaining from consuming foods and beverages that are going to raise your blood sugar levels, insulin will no longer be bomarbed and therefore will become more insulin sensitive. This will mean less sugar floating in the blood and therefore less risk of cancers.
  • If fasting is a little difficult to start with, I would definitely recommend you start off by transitioning across to a low carb or ketogenic diet as that also improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Tumor cells are only able to survive on 1 of 2 fuel sources. They are only able to survive on either glucose or the amino acid glutamine. All tumor cells are able to survive on glucose while only some are able to survive on glutamine. No Cancer Cells are able to survive on Ketones.
  • Because of the tumor cells inability to survive and thrive on ketones, a ketogenic diet has been found especially beneficial for treating the cancers that are especially dependent on glucose as a fuel, such as brain tumors (glioma).
  • However, fasting is an even better way to protect against cancer. Although the healthy cells are able to survive on the ketones for fuel, the tumor cells are not. By completely eliminating the fuel source, the cancer cells will just die off.
  • However, fasting can not only prevent against cancer but it has also been shown to reduce side effects of conventional therapies which I will go into in the “treatment” section.
  • Autophagy is the process of programmed cell death. Fasting has been shown in multiple studies and anecdotal reports to begin the process of autophagy, both neuronal and general, therefore beginning to clear up the cellular garbage.
  • This is an incredibly important process as it ensures that you keep a clean house within your body and your cells. Your cells will create membranes which hunt out scraps of dead, diseased or worn out cells and then will gobble them up, strip them for parts and use the remaining molecules for energy or to make new cell parts.
  • Autophagy makes us much more efficient at getting rid of faulty parts, stopping cancerous growths and stopping metabolic dysfunction.
  • Fasting has been shown to improve the tumor cells response to conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation.
  • In fact, one animal study showed that for mice with breast cancer who were put on a regime of fasting that radiation worked significantly better to slow the tumor growth and downregulate cancer pathways. They have shown that when fasting occurs during radiation that the tumor kill is significantly enhanced.
  • As mentioned previously, when the body is devoid of sugar, as is the case with both the ketogenic diet and with fasting, cell death will occur significantly in those cancer cells but there will be no damage to the normal cells that have been exposed to the chemotherapy.
  • Also, Chemotherapy is known to cause significant collateral damage to the immune system. However, fasting may mitigate some of these effects.
  • Many studies have shown that fasting can delay tumor progression and enhance lifespan.
  • In fact, there was one breast cancer study that was done which showed that because of fasting, the cancer cells will make new proteins and will take other steps to keep growing and dividing. Because of this, damaging free radicals will be created which will break down the cancer cells own DNA and cause it’s destruction.

Breast Cancer Case Study

  • 51 year old woman;
  • Stage IIA Breast Cancer;
  • Fasted for 5.8 Days Prior to Chemo;
  • Fasted for 1.6 Days After Chemo
  • Completed 4 Cycles of Chemo;
  • Medications – Was on 75mg of Docetaxel and 600mg Cyclophosphamide.
  • During fasting cycles she had minimal reactions to treatments but During regular cycles she had quite severe reactions.
  • She had remarkable results in regards to her immune system health, with her platelets improving, her white blood cells improving and much more.
  • All of this is covered in the course.

Within my course I have another 3 case studies of people who have actually benefited from using fasting during their cancer treatments with remarkable results.

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Please note that this information is not intended for medical purposes or to replace the advice of your medical practitioner. It is for informational purposes only to help guide you on your journey towards optimal wellness.


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