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Aug 09 2017

LCKL 086 – ANJ Series – Digestion Nutrition and Supplements for Gut Health

The next portion of this Digestion Season will be covering what nutrition and supplementation is best for optimising gut health. In this episode you will discover the importance of nutrition on gut health, why the bacteria in your gut may be reduced and then of course how to improve gut health with the help of …

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Aug 02 2017

LCKL 083 – ANJ Series – Digestion – Diverticulitis

The next portion of this Digestion Season is that of Diverticulitis, a very painful condition affecting the colon. In this episode you will learn about what diverticulitis is, the causes of it, symptoms associated with it and much much more…

  • What is Diverticulitis;
  • Causes of Diverticulitis;
  • Symptoms of Diverticulitis;
  • How to know if …

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Jul 28 2017

LCKL 080- ANJ Series – Digestion – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Fact or Fiction?

Are you dealing with constant stomach aches, constipation or diarrhea? Do you deal with non stop stomach issues? If so, you could be suffering from IBS. Check out this episode now to see what it is all about…

• What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome; • Symptoms of IBS; • Types of IBS; • Causes …

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