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Aug 11 2017

LCKL 087 – Biohacks 101 Series – Fasting – Exiting The Fast

If you have ever completed a water fast before you may be skeptical to do another one because you felt awful afterwards. If this is so, it is most likely because you did not exit the fast correctly. Definitely listen up to this episode to hear about the correct ways to exit the fast.

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Aug 04 2017

LCKL 084 – Biohacks 101 Series – Fasting – Completing The Fast

In this lesson I will be teaching you some important concepts regarding completing your fast including what type of water you should be drinking, whether electrolytes are necessary during the fast, whether activity is important when fasting and much more…

  • Drink the Right Water;
  • Electrolytes During The Fast;
  • Integrate Activity;
  • Keep Yourself Busy;
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Jul 29 2017

LCKL 081 – Biohacks 101 Series – Fasting – Preparing For The Fast

The next step in your fasting journey is preparing for your fast. In this episode you will learn about Preparing Your Mindset, Preparing Your Nutrition, Preparing Your Body and Preparing Your Environment.

  • Prepare Your Mindset;
  • Prepare Your Nutrition;
  • Prepare Your Body;
  • Prepare Your Environment.


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