Below you will find 19 of the most common Keto Myths out there. For further information on these, you are able to find them in my book “Keto Blocks“…

A Ketogenic Diet Is For Everyone
Ketosis is Dangerous
The Ketogenic Diet Is A Fad Diet
You Can't Possibly Get All The Nutrients You Need From The Ketogenic Diet
Carbohydrates Are Essential For Good Health
A Low Carb, High Protein Diet will cause the body to excrete calcium and will result in Osteoporosis
Antioxidants and Phytonutrients from Plants are important for good health, and a ketogenic diet lacks these chemicals
All that fat will give you heart disease
Low Carb, Ketogenic Diets don't work because as soon as you go off them you put the weight back on
The weight loss is not real and is only water weight
The ketogenic plan is low in fiber and therefore detrimental to your colon
It mustn't be good for you because you feel terrible
The ketogenic diet will damage your kidneys
Ketogenic diets will cause muscle wastage
You don't need to exercise on the ketogenic diet
Ketogenic Diets are not suitable for athletes
Ketogenic Diets are stressful to the body, due to the circulating level of cortisol
Glucose is the only fuel the brain can use and therefore the body requires carbohydrates
It is going to give me bad breath that I can't get rid of