Aug 07 2017

***Research Article*** – “Vitamin B-12 concentration, memory performance, and hippocampal structure in patients with mild cognitive impairment”

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that is only found in animal products. This interesting research studies determines whether a low amount of Vitamin B12 in the blood can actually result in a poor memory.

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This study set out to determine whether serum Vitamin B12 concentrations within the normal range were linked to memory function and related neuronal structures in patients with mild cognitive impairment.

This study assessed 100 amnestic MCI patients (52 women: age 50-80 years) with low and high-normal Vitamin B12 concentration for memory function by using the Auditory Verbal Learning Test. With the use of a mediation analysis we examined whether the relation between Vitamin B12 and memory performance was partially explained by volume or microstructure.

Patients with low to normal Vitamin B12 showed significantly poorer learning ability and recognition performance than patients with normal-high Vitamin B12. Adjustments for age, sex, education, apoE status and total homocysteine, folate and creatinine did not attenuate the effects.

According to the paper, low Vitamin B12 concentrations, even if they are within the normal range are associated with poorer memory performance. They need to do further research to see if B12 supplementation may help with memory and cognition.

It would be interesting to see if supplementation with Vitamin B12 helps with a poor memory. It is also important that if you are a vegetarian or vegan that you look at supplementation due to the fact that only animal foods have this vitamin in it.

Please note that my conclusions are just my interpretation of the study. It is not meant to discredit the authors or the study in any way.

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