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Aug 10 2017

11 Supplements you can use to Beat Those Sugar Cravings…

 I bet you have had a time during your journey towards optimal wellness and successful weight loss that you have had such intense cravings that you have wanted to give up straight away. I know I have.

Because of this, I want to give you some supplements that you can take …

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Aug 01 2017

***Research Article*** – “Coenzyme Q 10 prevents hepatic fibrosis, inflammation, and oxidative stress in a male rat model of poor maternal nutrition and accelerated postnatal growth”

CoQ10 is possibly one of the most amazing nutrients you can find especially in regards to lowering inflammation and reversing free radical oxidation. This study just proves one of its benefits in preventing hepatic (liver) injury in low birth weight subjects that were subjected to poor nutrition in utero.

Jan 20 2017

LCKL 045 – Co-Enzyme Q10 – Powerful Energy Supplement You May Require to Combat Fatigue, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and More…

Co-Enzyme Q10 is a fat soluble nutrient that is important as an antioxidant and for the correct functioning of the mitochondria, and therefore in production of energy. It has also been found to be useful in combatting diabetes, insulin resistance and PCOS.