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Oct 11 2017

LCKL 110 – ANJ Series – Hormones – Cortisol

Are you currently dealing with high cortisol levels? Are you not sure whether you are suffering from excessive cortisol or not? Are you feeling constantly stressed and are concerned about what it is doing to your body? If so, fear no more. In this podcast episode I will go through not only what cortisol is …

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Sep 15 2017

LCKL 102 – Biohacks 101 – Sleep – Hormones Involved in Sleep

In this episode I am going to go briefly into the different hormones that are involved in sleep. These hormones are either important for getting good sleep and/or they are affected negatively when you don’t get enough sleep.

  • Hormone #1 – Cortisol;
  • Hormone #2 – Insulin
  • Hormone #3 – Human Growth Hormone;
  • Hormone …

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Sep 06 2017

LCKL 098 – ANJ Series – Hormones – What Are Hormones And Why Are They Important?

In this episode I will be discussing what hormones are and why they are so important as well as a rundown on 2 of the main blood sugar hormones, 3 of the main sex hormones and 2 of the main stress hormones.