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Sep 06 2017

***Research Article*** – “Egg Consumption and Human Cardio-Metabolic Health in People With And Without Diabetes”

The topic of cholesterol is a big concern and sense of confusion around the world at present. There are those trying to convince us that cholesterol is bad and we should limit our consumption of eggs to no more than 2 a week and others that are saying eggs are not going to be a …

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Aug 30 2017

***Research Article*** – “The effect of a high-egg diet on cardiovascular risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes: the Diabetes and Egg (DIABEGG) study—a 3-mo randomized controlled trial”

How many people have you heard tell us that eggs are going to kill us.We must not eat more than 1 egg a day or else the cholesterol will kill us. If that was the case then most of us keto eaters will be dead right now. However, it does still cause confusion in some …

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Aug 05 2017

***Research Article*** – “Associations of egg and cholesterol intakes with carotid intima-media thickness and risk of incident coronary artery disease according to apolipoprotein E phenotype in men: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study””

Have you ever wondered whether what the media has told us about the dangers of eggs is really true? Will the cholesterol from eggs really cause Cardiovascular Disease? This research article is just one of many which proves that this is not the case.