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Apr 18 2017

LCKL 073 – Coenzyme A – The Power of It for Fat Loss, Physical Performance and Much More…

Co-Enzyme A is a critical enzyme that is needed to function the body as well as to assist in the production of Co-Enzyme Q10 and NADH. Learn about what you can do to increase your own level of Co-Enzyme A and what may be causing you to be deficient.

Apr 10 2017

LCKL 072 – Biohacks 101 – Fasting – Other Benefits…

Within this episode you will discover 5 other benefits of fasting, including digestive health, inflammation, energy, skin health and lifespan extension.

  • How Fasting Improves Digestive Health;
  • How Fasting Decreases Inflammation;
  • How Fasting Increases Energy;
  • How Fasting Improves Skin Health; and
  • How Fasting Extends Lifespan.


Jan 20 2017

LCKL 045 – Co-Enzyme Q10 – Powerful Energy Supplement You May Require to Combat Fatigue, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and More…

Co-Enzyme Q10 is a fat soluble nutrient that is important as an antioxidant and for the correct functioning of the mitochondria, and therefore in production of energy. It has also been found to be useful in combatting diabetes, insulin resistance and PCOS.

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