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Oct 02 2017

LCKL 109 – 10 Tips For Breaking Through That Fat Loss Plateau and 5 Supplements To Help You Burn That Stubborn Fat

There is nothing more frustrating than dieting for weeks or months and finding that the scales are no longer budging. You may find yourself disgruntled and wanting to give up but something is telling you that is not a good idea. Well, the good news is that there are things you can do to help …

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Aug 18 2017

LCKL 090 – Biohacks 101 Series – Fasting – Conclusion/What’s In The Next Series…

So the time has come for the fasting podcast course to finish. In this episode we will conclude the course and discuss what will be included in the next series and that is one of my favorite topics of all time – “Sleep”. Definitely listen up…

Aug 11 2017

LCKL 087 – Biohacks 101 Series – Fasting – Exiting The Fast

If you have ever completed a water fast before you may be skeptical to do another one because you felt awful afterwards. If this is so, it is most likely because you did not exit the fast correctly. Definitely listen up to this episode to hear about the correct ways to exit the fast.

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