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Sep 03 2017

My Top 5 Recommended Fats

Coconut Oil

  • Contains 90% Saturated Fat.
  • Contain Medium Chain Triglycerides which are great fat burners.
  • Lauric acid and monolaurin in coconut oil can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, which will help to stave off infections.
  • Reduces hunger.
  • Fatty acids are turned into Ketones, which can reduce seizures.
  • Helps to improve cholesterol …

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Aug 05 2017

The Magic Powers of Coconut Oil – Part 1

As you all know I am a huge proponent of fats in the diet, and as such I am here to talk to you about one of my most favourite fats of all times. Can you guess what it is??? If you guessed, Coconut Oil, then you would be right. With so …

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