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Oct 11 2017

LCKL 110 – ANJ Series – Hormones – Cortisol

Are you currently dealing with high cortisol levels? Are you not sure whether you are suffering from excessive cortisol or not? Are you feeling constantly stressed and are concerned about what it is doing to your body? If so, fear no more. In this podcast episode I will go through not only what cortisol is …

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Dec 02 2016

LCKL 024 – 20 Ways You Can Reverse Insulin Resistance and Improve the functioning of your Insulin

Are you currently dealing with insulin resistance or diabetes? Are you confused as to why insulin is actually needed but with too much of it we can suffer. If so, then listen to this episode. Not only will you learn about insulin, but you will also discover 20 ways that you can reverse insulin resistance.

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