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Oct 05 2017

“Jens Keto Korner” – 19 Common Keto Myths Dispelled – Part 3 – Myths 11 to 15

In this particular video you will learn about the myths:

1. Keto is a FAD Diet. 2. A Low Carb, High Protein Diet will cause Osteoporosis. 3. As soon as you go off the ketogenic diet you will put the weight back on. 4. The weight loss from keto is purely water weight. 5. The …

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Oct 05 2017

“Jens Keto Korner” – 19 Common Keto Myths Dispelled (Part 1 of 4)

In this video I begin to dispel common myths surrounding the ketogenic diet. I cover topics such as:

  • Ketogenic Diets are for Everyone…
  • You Can’t Possibly get all the nutrients you need from a Ketogenic Diet…
  • All That Fat will give you heart disease…
  • You Feel Terrible – How Can It Be Good For You?
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    Feb 01 2017

    LCKL 050 – How The Ketogenic Diet Can Both Prevent and Treat Alzheimers Disease

    The Ketogenic Diet is well known to be beneficial in the treatment of cancer, epilepsy and now alzheimers disease. In this episode you will learn all about what alzheimers disease is, how the ketogenic diet can help prevent and treat AD, as well as nutritional/fitness tips and most popular supplements.