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Apr 03 2017

LCKL 068 – Ask Naturopath Jen – Digestion – Acid Reflux and Hypochlorydia (Repeat Episode 014)

As part of the Digestion Series I have re-recorded Episode #14 of the Podcast on Acid Reflux and Hypochlorydia.

  • All About Stomach Acid;
  • Causes of Low Stomach Acid;
  • Signs and Symptoms of Hypochlorydia;
  • Conditions Caused by or Aggravated By Low Stomach Acid;
  • Testing For Low Stomach Acid;
  • How to increase your Stomach Acid …

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Nov 09 2016

LCKL 014 – Reflux and Low Stomach Acid – Could it be what’s causing your weight gain, bloating and nutrient deficiencies?

Are you constantly feeling bloated and nauseous? Are you tired of eating meat? Are you just not hungry first thing in the morning? If so, you may be suffering from low stomach acid, also known as hypochlorydia. In this episode you will learn the reasons why stomach acid is so important and how to tell …

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