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Aug 12 2017

8 Incredible Reasons to consume Pastured Lard as a predominant fat source…

If you are following the ketogenic diet and you are trying to implement healthy fat sources into your diet, then Lard is an absolutely remarkable fat to implement, especially if it is from a pastured pig. It is incredibly easy to render at home and tastes so darn good.

For many years …

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Jul 27 2017

Butter and Ghee – A Wonder Food for the Digestive System!!!

If we look back to our ancestors era (i.e. grandparents and great grandparents) you may remember if you were lucky enough to come from a farm sitting down at the kitchen table eating bacon and eggs, fresh raw milk from the farm, fresh cream and not to mention that absolutely delicious yellow substance known …

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Oct 26 2016

LCKL 004 – Saturated Fat – It’s Not The Devil It’s Thought To Be

Are you concerned about eating Saturated Fat? Are you confused when you hear some people saying that Saturated Fats are good and some saying that Saturated Fats are bad? Would you be surprised to learn that Saturated Fats are actually necessary?

  • Introduction to Saturated Fat;
  • Types of Saturated Fats;
  • Benefits of Short Chain …

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