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Aug 10 2017

11 Supplements you can use to Beat Those Sugar Cravings…

 I bet you have had a time during your journey towards optimal wellness and successful weight loss that you have had such intense cravings that you have wanted to give up straight away. I know I have.

Because of this, I want to give you some supplements that you can take …

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Mar 09 2017

LCKL 059 – Copper – The Secret Anti-Ageing, Fat Loss Nutrient

Although Copper is something we think is bad for us, it is actually a trace mineral that is required for many different reasons, one of which is because it is involved in so many enzymatic actions that our body would not function without it. It is one mineral that should not necessarily be supplemented but …

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Jan 09 2017

LCKL 040 – Eliminate Candida and Regain Energy, Lose Fat and Heal The Gut…

If you are dealing with chronic digestive issues and ongoing joint pain then Candida may be the culprit. Listen to this episode to learn more…

  • What is Candida;
  • What causes Candida;
  • What are the symptoms of Candida;
  • Nutrition for Candida; and
  • Supplements for Candida.


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